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Here at Hov Pod Hovercraft UK we receive many enquiries about our Personal Hovercraft

This hovercraft FAQ has been compiled using questions asked by our customers about the Hov Pod along with other questions we thought you may ask. We hope that you will find an answer to your question about our Hovercraft on this page.

If you have a question about the Hov Pod which you cannot find the answer to then please contact Hov Pod Hovercraft by email or complete the simple form on the request information page.

The Hov Pod Personal Hovercraft FAQ provides an easily navigable list of frequently asked questions about our Hovercraft, please click on a sentence below to be taken to the question and its answer.

Do I need to be trained to drive the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

Although different to anything else around, the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft is surprisingly easy to use. We have designed the Hov Pod to be controlled as simply as possible, using one set of handlebars and a throttle. Full instructions are supplied and the average user can usually learn the basics in just 15 minutes. The trick is to take it at your own pace. Hov Pod also offer training packages.

What is the top speed of the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft has a top speed of up to 45mph in good conditions, depending on engine size.

How environmentally friendly is the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft does not produce a wake and does not exhaust in to the water. It has a very light footprint, weighing less than a seagull standing on one leg! Unlike other vehicles, it can travel over eggs without cracking them, ask to see video demonstration. The Hov Pod has no propeller in the water to damage coral or plant life. The Hov Pod is an ideal craft to use in sensitive areas, for example bird santuaries etc. Contact us for an Environment Assessment Paper

Where can I launch a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft does not need any prepared surface or slipway and it can be operated from any smooth surface (not necessary flat).

What sound does the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft make?

Although early versions of hovercraft were noisy, (there exists a misconception that all hovercraft are
noisy) we fit custom designed two stage silencers to quite the engine exhaust, and continue to
minimize noise pollution through consultation with local universities. Technological advances has
reduced sound emissions by between 50 and 70% making Hov Pods fall somewhere between vacuum
cleaners and city traffic (70 to 80 decibels). We use a microlite 52 bhp engine that depending on
conditions generates around the same noise levels as a small motorbike, at 72 decibels at 60 meters,
and 80 decibels at 25 meters. Compared to other watercraft Hov Pod generates no water slap noise,
and do not generate the high speed repetitive whine of fast revving engines associated with PWC'S
(sometimes referred to as the Angry Bee Noise) and speedboats as they jump waves or the deep
reverberating noise of diesels as exhausts are uncovered from the water. Current Rotax engines are
quieter than previously used Hirth engines, as they have superior exhaust systems. It is
recommended that driver and passengers wear headsets, but 10 to 20 foot away from the craft, it is
okay to have a normal conversation.

What gradient can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft climb?

This is dependent on run up to the slope, and passenger loading. Short steep slopes are achievable with a run up. The average long slope or slipway gradient is no problem for the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft. Please look at our video to see the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft in action.

What comfort does the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft provide?

The cushion of air on which the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft travels means that the ride is very smooth. Interest has been shown in the Hov Pod as a moving marine photography platform.

Does a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft need servicing?

The engine is a simple 2 stroke and this means that it is easy for a 2-stroke mechanic to maintain the engine. Alternatively we can arrange servicing through a service network. If the craft is bought from a dealer, servicing is available from the dealer.

Is there a guarantee?

Excluding wear/tear/damage the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft is guaranteed for 12 months. The engine falls under the engine supplier’s service agreement of 6 months.

What type of engine does the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft use?

A Microlight Rotax 503 50HP air-cooled 2-stroke, or Rotax 582 65HP water-cooled 2-stroke engine. On the hovercraft specification page you can find out more about the Hov Pod Hovercraft engine.

Can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft stop on water?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft floats when stopped on water. We do not recommended stopping for long periods in choppy conditions.

Does the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft carry buoyancy?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft has full positive enclosed polystyrene buoyancy.

What distance does the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft need to stop on water?

From top speed the hovercraft can be spun around and dropped or lowered onto the waters surface to smoothly stop in a distance of about 5m.

Can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft carry passengers?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft is weight dependent and the craft has been tested to take up to 250Kg or 310Kg on water, depending on the size of engine plus additional 25% weight on land (hence 312Kg or 387Kg on land starts). We recommend the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft as a 2+ model where each owners individual circumstances will dictate exactly how many people can be carried (it could vary from 2 large to 4 small people). Many small hovercraft have difficulties starting on water, so please refer to our Buyers Guide to understand "Getting over Hump" a hovercraft term used to describe starting on water. Be sure to check manufacturers payload specification for starting on water - many can't, some even sink!

What conditions can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft be used in?

The Hov pod Leisure Hovercraft is for use in conditions up to force 4, During testing to ensure its safety our experienced drivers have used it worse conditions and large swell and surf.

How much are Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft skirts?

The skirts are all individual replaceable Hypalon highly durable segments. There are 65 in total and replacement segments cost from £15.00 each. If skirt segments are damaged only the damaged segments need replacing. If the damage is slight they can be patched and mended.

How long do Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft skirts last?

Under normal occasional use a skirt can last up to two years. However skirt wear can vary dramatically from user to user and is dependent on how and where the Hov Pod is used. Use on rough abrasive surfaces will wear the skirt faster than a smooth or water based surface. Thicker skirts available as an option.

Are there other versions of the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

We offer two engine variants, the Hov Pod AXC 52 or Hov Pod ACX 65, plus a Patrol, Rescue Commercial Version (Hov Pod PRC 65)

Can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft carry diving weights and bottles?

Yes if stowed correctly and not exceeding the weight limit.

Can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft tow a skier?

The fun thing about the Hov Pod is the Hov Pod. It is thrillingly different to anything else and can be used over a wide range of surfaces, however unfortunately it will not tow a skier.

Where can I use the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

Generally we recommend that you follow normal local marine regulations, which should be checked. Certain local byelaws may apply in some areas. Please use the Hov Pod with respect and consideration for all those around you. Please request a copy of our Code of Conduct document.

Do I need Insurance to fly a Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

Marine Insurance is available. Information can be provided.

Can the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft be used for rescue or Police work?

The Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft is an ideal rescue, survey, and patrol craft for use over many different tidal and dangerous surfaces. Please contact us for further information of the Hov Pod PRC 65.

Is the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft available in kit form?

At present a kit version is not available.

Is there a diesel version of the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

At present a diesel version is not available.

What colors are available for the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

Standard hull is white with either a Red and Yellow trim set or Blue and Yellow trim set. Different color hulls are available at additional cost. Skirt colors are normally Red, Blue or Black, other colors are available at additional cost. Please visit our Hov Pod customer options page where you can see color photographs of Hov Pod's color options.

Does the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft have stowage and winching fittings?

Lifting eyes to suit your davits and winching gear can be added to the craft by special arrangement and pricing.

How can I get more information about the Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft?

Please visit the contact page of website to find out details of how to contact Hov Pod. Or follow the link to request information about Hov Pod Leisure Hovercraft.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Hov Pod is a trademark of Reaction International Ltd.

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