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Hovercraft float on a cushion of air; they hover across sea, lakes, rivers, grassland, marsh, sand, snow and ice! Hov Pods are safe, reliable, durable, easy and great fun to fly, designed to make leisure hovercraft ownership easy. The ultimate big boys toy, yet fun for all the family - enjoy the unique sensation of travelling on a cushion of air, ride over any flat surface at speeds of up to 45 mph !, this hobby is seriously addictive!

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*Invented 1956 by Sir Christopher Cockerell
*First tests carried out on Southampton Water, close to Hov Pod’s factory.
*First Flight 31st May 1959, seven-ton, 20ft craft.
*By inserting a cat food tin into a coffee tin, and blowing a jet of air through the gap between the walls of the tins, he proved that a vehicle that could travel on cushion of air.
*Aimed at the scales, the blower's jet pressure alone was 1lb (0.45kg). The jet coming out of the tin assembly when brought near the scales gave 3lb (1.36kg).


*Racing craft – lightweight for fast speeds so compromised on quality and safety .
*Kit or home built craft – cost is main concern so compromised on durability and safety.
*Marine Leisure & Commercial craft designed for safety, reliability, durability, ease of use.
*Hov Pod first hovercraft built specifically for marine leisure market.

*Hov Pod design focuses on reliability, durability, safety, ease of service and ease of use.

Use the Hov Pod Hovercraft as:

A superyacht tender to lower and go anywhere on water, or straight on to land. A thrillingly different and exciting slide and glide high speed toy. A way of exploring or getting to all those secluded or inaccessible places no one else can get to. The way to beat the tides and leave home or reach a mooring at any time of day. A unique machine for fun or access over any difficult terrain such as swamps, estuaries, sandbars, flooded ground, reeds, submerged coral, ice etc. A responsive and economical rescue, survey, patrol or inspection craft.

A team building, activity, adventure, charter or rental income earner.

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Regarding Regulations and Certification

We often get asked what regulations apply to Personal Leisure Hovercraft in the UK and Europe

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The Hov Pod Design Philosophy

Until now, hovercraft have tended to be backyard vehicles or supplied in kit form, designed by enthusiasts

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